Department of Geology & Geophysics

GEOL 4200-03
Geology of the Death Valley Area

2 Credits — Spring 2011

Lecture: W 2:10-4:00 — CR131

Prerequisites: GEOL 2100 (Strat-Sed) & GEOL 4610 (Structural)

Instructors: Dr. Heller Dr. John Dr. Riebe
E-mail: heller bjohn criebe
Phone: 766-2245 766-4232 766-3965
Office: GE 311B 3010 ESB 2008 ESB
Office hrs: TBD TBD T 3-5, R 1-2

Course Overview: The centerpiece of this course is a 1 week field trip to Death Valley over Spring Break (March 12-19).  Prior to the field trip we will have a weekly lecture/seminar covering the geologic history of the Death Valley region in the southwestern Basin and Range Province.  Students, either individually or in groups, will be responsible for assembling a field guide for the trip.  Individual costs for the week will run around $100 primarily for food.